The Family

2011 -The boys are growing and maturing and life changes with them.   Landon has  moved off to Florida where he is pursuing his own adventures.  We look forward to being with him in Atlantic Beach in July 2013 - I'll try to remember to post some new photos from there.   WHOOPS... missed that ... and then Landon moved to Waco tx and worked as a paramedic. 2013.  In 2015  he is moved to and is working as a paramedic in New Orleans and could be seen on the A&E channel show "NIGHT WATCH"  during January and February of 2017.  

Colter is now 21 - and off at College in Denton TX -  University of North Texas working on an advertising degree.  He says I need to work on my online presentation ... I agree!  (He is graduated now 2018) and working in his field trying to move up in the advertising world. 

Last Fall we bought a small farm in North West Arkansas and Landon moved there to live and work in the Washington county EMS.   We go back and forth between Texas, Colorado and Arkansas and live a nomadic life.  We love time in the car together, watching the latest sunset, listening to praise music and reading good books. 

 In this photo, we had gone sailing with the boys at Corpus Christi during Easter weekend (2013)  It was refreshing, quiet, adventerous, and bonding:

While Colter is coming up on his senior year in highschool, he finally caught up with his big brother in size and we have been enjoying new things with him.   I spend less time chasing the "light" these days with older kids and more time chasing adventures with them.  Here are some photos of 2012:

Colter Wake boarding

This is Colter Wake Surfing behind our boat. 


Here is Landon Surfing the Wake on Coleto Creek Reservoir

This is my original posting when this website went live in 2009.   The pictures and words from here down are from that  time frame or before:

My life is a continuous hunt for subject matter, so we get to travel a bit and see the sites.  Bless my wife and kids!   They put up with me going places no one else goes, rushing to get the light just right in as many spots as possible, or they simply wait on the side of the road while I explore.  









As my two boys, Colter (youngest) and Landon (now in college) have grown, however, they explore more and more with me.  Bonnie is always happy to be where ever we are, especially when it is not in South Texas!  Here are some photos from some of those adventures.  Above left, we are in Colorado (2005) and on the right Landon and I are in Europe (Venice)  We backpacked through France, Switzerland and Italy together (summer 08) !










Landon is a rock climber and is so strong, he can lift his weight with just a couple of fingers and a toe hold on the side of a rock face.   Colter is a Karate guy and is very limber.  He loves to leap and kick and explore with me.   He, too, is brave... as you can see... and I often can't look as they go off on little life threatening adventures.   This one of Colter, however is a photo crop that I did... just to show his spirit.  He was really jumping over a 3 or 4 foot crack in the ground, but near by was this spot that we decided to get a nice pose for.                                                                      









     Aways with a Camera on the hunt!                     Always with the love of my life -- Bonnie









 My Constant companion and competition...Colter and I wrestle alot... yes ... sometimes it's dangerous! 











on the coast in Norther California, admiring the Creators work ... and challenging our senses to the cold.  (2009)


 It doesn't get any better than this.... a place like heaven and the love to go with it.    (Yosemite 2009)










painting in the Garden of the Gods    and running on top of the world .... Rocky Mountain National Park












My wife Bonnie - playful - delightful - beautiful - lifefull










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