New Workshop - March 2017 - NOW taking names


 WORKSHOP FOR 20__   has yet to be planned.   I don't make these happen, and depend on someone else who wants it to happen bringing it about.    With my move to Georgetown and all our travels, it is getting harder and harder. 

In the past:

The Cost is $225 per student  if you are a Victoria Art League Member, and $275 for non members. (limited to 16).   The Victoria Art league gallery room is a wonderful space to paint in - 100 year old building with wood floors and 14 foot ceilings... and some seedy history to boot!

The focus (as usual) will be "learning to see" what is really there, and attempting to "capture the essence" of what it is we are seeing.   I will provide 8x10 photographs to paint from (either landscape, or portrait - which ever you prefer) and the desire will be to paint a painting per day (9x12 -12x16) not worrying about finishing details but rather the "essence" of the subject.  I call these small paintings "study paintings" where we are more interested in expression and exploration than "finishing a gallery painting." 

I will demonstrate each day for 30-45 minutes as well.   Watching is often the best way to learn.

 In this workshop, I'll provide photos for all.  You can bring your own as well.

Email me if you want to get on the list.   As of January 2017 there are 6 signed up.   You may get more "personal" assistence with the smaller class this year.    361 935 2655     mail deposit of $100 to:

Mark Keathley, 211 W 11th st,  Georgetown TX 78626

here is a link to google maps ... "A" is where the art league is.     You can use the same map to find hotels by typing "hotels" in the search window.    The north end of town has all the new hotels.   Comfort Inn is the nicer of the ones on the south side of town... but it is 20 -25 years old.


4-8  8x10 or 9x12 panels or Canvases (you will learn more by painting smaller and more numbers than painting something large and only doing one painting over the three days.

Colors:   Titanium white, Cadmium Yellow Medium, light, Cad.  Orange,  Cad Red, Permanent Rose, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Blue, Permanent Green Light, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black,

No Medium necessary, only Odorless Terp  (for oils)  or water for acrylics.   

"NOTE-  some frustration will be had trying to paint with acrylics for portrait work, as blending is near impossible."