Prints -- The Big Picture

I joined forces with Jim Odom and Infinity Fine Art Publishing in the fall of 2007.   These are great folks and are producing the best quality product on the market.   I couldn't be happier with what we are doing.   I'd been waiting for God to show me who would be my publisher for several years, and  I know this was meant to be!   Publishing has always been a desire for me, because I want there to be a more affordable way for you to own my art work.  Please understand that giclee canvases are reproductions of my original oil paintings so they cost a fraction of original. 

I want you  to understand some of the different terminology of fine art publishing business so please read on:

Canvas Prints (or Giclee Canvases)  - these are the new hightech Giclee' Prints (Giclee' means "squirt" in French) and is the fancy term they chose for the process where a very expensive and the very latest Ink Jet Printer sprays (squirts) ink directly onto the canvas.  Not only does it look like an original because it is on canvas, but we then hand highlight the print with paint, and add brush stroke texture all by hand to give it an even more realistic  "original" painting look.  The print is then coated with a UV protectant so it will not fade and will last for decades!   

I personally highlight the Artist's Proof editions of 15-25 (this is a picture of me doing this at a show in Gatlinburg TN) and another artist  highlights the Signed and Numbered prints ( usually there are only 95 in the editions but I think we are going to 195 this year because of demand).   You simply wouldn't believe how close these resemble my orginal paintings.  I have a couple hanging in my own home and studio, and no one knows!  It's like wearing cubic zeronia jewelry! 

Paper Prints are the 4 color press lithographs on acid free paper.   Most of these Prints  were done by my former publisher.   All of these which I have for sale, are the artist proof editions of 75.   I do not have the Signed and numbered editions in these.   Some are sold out from the publisher and I have some of the only images produce by them left.   You can ask about transfering these to canvas. 

Also, My new publisher (Infinity) is creating some smaller open edition paper lithos for sale now and they are really affordable!   (usually a small 12x16 of one of the larger prints.)

A/P stands for Artist's Proofs - and is a special smaller edition, and usually the first ones I see and sign.  In the Cavas giclee' prints, there are only 15 - 25 of these.  

S/N stands for Signed and Numbered prints.  We normally do 25 - 195 SN's in the canvas prints.  They are signed and numbered by me and the canvas prints are highlighted by another artist.

P/P stands for Publisher's Proofs.  These are a special promotional edition of 50 or so prints that the publisher uses to get my work in new galleries.   They too are highlighted and textured.