I decided to do away with the fancy online store!  It kept me from being able to manage my own site due to things I know nothing about.     One thing I do know, however, is I love to share the latest painting with you.   However, I do not update this site anymore.   This is just to give a presence out there and for a contact way for those who need to get ahold of me.    I haven't updated any photos in 5 years.     You can follow me on Instagram  and FaceBook, though as long as the let me be on there.... who knows with the way they are sensoring these days.   The ART of Mark Keathley is my my facebook page.   There are many others, that galleries put on there, but my official one is unique.    thanks for following.

If you want to own one of my original paintings you can find them at one of the galleries listed below.  Contact the one nearest you, and if they don't have the painting you are interested in, they can get it for you.   If you have discovered my work at one of the galleries listed below, I would appreciate you working with them on any commissioned works or paintings that you would like to purchase.   This website is not an attempt to sell art work or reach "customers."  It is simply a venue for discovery of what I do.   I greatly value my galleries and their place of importance (relationally and financially) in my life and want keep working with them.  

You can purchase prints from me if you'd like, but I, again, would rather you visit your local gallery and ask them to give me a call and become a dealer.   That way you will have them locally to see in person before you purchase them.   You won't be disappointed!

Here is a link to dealers that already carry my giclee' prints on canvas from Infinity Fine Art publishing.  If one is nearby, you can go there today.  


 The  "Paper prints" you can get directly from me by simply logging on to paypal.com and sending a payment to my email address.  (safe and simple)   these prints were produced over a decade ago, and are running in short supply.  My copies are AP's and usually retail for $135 - $150.   Some editions are sold out and I have the last few -  Those are two or three times their issue price.  


For "Available Original Paintings" here is your Gallery Contact Info:

Lamplight Gallery                      Wind River Gallery          The West Lives On Gallery      JR Mooney Gallery
634 Parkway                              505 E Hyman                  75 Glenwood                          8302 Broadway
Suite 8                                      Aspen Co 81611              Jackson WY 83001                 San Antonio TX
Gatlinburg, TN  37738                (970)925-3919                 (800) 883-6080                        (830)816-5106


Art of the South                          Huey's Fine ArtGallery

2478 Veterans Blvd                       129 W Palace Ave                  
Pigeon Forge, TN  37738            Santa Fe NM 87501    
(865)436-0174                            (505) 820-6063